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Core Information Techonologies




Example of I-LANd's Document Management System for a Sofware Development Company:

i-LANd Corporation, Inc

  • Enterprise Content Management Services over LAN/Internet
  • Q-Model 1) 'Q-model' analytical engine: induction based probabilistic model for assessing and predicting states of unknown events in the future using file-system database on unstructured multi-modal data
  • Supply

custom development 4)

2) Real time query-based file sharing, editing, invoice and billing system over vLAN, WAN and public Internet.

Consulting Services also include: Predictive modeling for project management and risk assessment; Query-based metrics, analysis and reporting on unstructured multi-modal data and deployment of a custom real-time Enterprise Content Management for instant file sharing, remote sales & invoicing w/ inventory updates over Internet.

, web hosting,

deployment and support service solutions.

Consultant Supply chain management, Metrics and reporting analysis

acility management and warehousing: Design, architecture and operational framework for a new Supply Management System w/ EDI integration - Architecture, design and functional requirements for a Facilities Management System (Space Allocation / Tracking) Downsview Services , Toronto , Ontario : December 2007- October 20008 IT/Business Consultant. Infrastructure analysis, Vendor selection, Contract renewals, RFI/RFQ/RFP requirements & negotiations board recommendations and best practice implementation.





Talkster / SolvWare Information Technologies, Toronto , Ontario . CTO and Project leader for a software/Telecom Company.

  • Iterative Development Methodology
  • E-tasking development Methodoly
  • Multi-project/international team management
  • Document Managent System

Budget, allocate, assign and coordinate all phases of development for each project, leading an international team of programmers from Russia , Australia , Denmark , Canada and Chile . Engineered / developed and setup custom Gateway (IIS6 and Apache2) using Delta V/DAV protocol (Web Folder access) in order to facilitate real-time communication. Engineered VXML remote access to Microsoft Outlook and simultaneously conceived and launched concurrent project for email access by voice. In charge of project development, schedule and budget for the commercial release of the four software. Manage and supervise 15+ programmers working on open standards (SOAP, WSDL, VXML, and XML), ASP.NET, C# using VST2005 and SQL Server 2005. As part of management, work on many aspects of sales and marketing (including web sites, Flash demos, product demos, etc.) Reviewed and analyzed business plan and marketing strategies. Worked on Total Cost of Ownership of competing products, projection of ROI and overall sales strategy. Current projects include mobile phone access to and from Google's GoggleTalk and Skype, Google's Gmail access by voice (SIP and XMPP).

Key Contribution: Made SolvWare a tangible business reality. Projects are deployed as on-going sales and development continues.  


2001 -June 2003






  • Warehousing
  • Apparel and accessories Industry
  • B2B / B2C fulfillment
  • EDI and Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Outsourcing IT services to clients

Created a lucrative IT business: “Waitex Information Systems, Inc.” for a major warehousing and fulfillment company and apparel manufacturer with over 800 employees and 2.5 million ft. of warehouse facilities. Reorganized, set up strategies and long-term goals for the company's overall technological infrastructure. Built core system on clustered Windows 2000 advanced servers with load balancing, HP SAN storage and a farm of MSSQL 2000 databases. Used custom supply chain management software, constantly adapting it to suit the needs of our clients (ASP, VB, C#, SQL and ColdFusion). Implemented and designed both hardware and software solutions to create an end-to-end, customer oriented technology service company to provide complete supply chain management environment,================ including integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services, customer relations, internet ordering and fulfillment services. Spearheaded operations and policies for the systems group in order to streamline contact management for our clients and trade partners (retail clients such as Saks, Bloomingdales, K-mart, etc). Acted as consultants to our clients and their international production/manufacturing partners. Waitex Information Systems, Inc. became a separate business unit, offering a wide variety of services to wholesalers needing back-office and technology support, such as: fully integrated direct-to-warehouse order fulfillment/EDI/data processing, VPN remote access to our supply chain management software, web access (Citrix Metaframe and 'Waitex Warp' - an in house development effort) tracking goods and process orders, picks and pack, allocations, invoices and inventory as well as B2B, B2C web design/hosting and internet fulfillment. Provisioned all DSL/T1 for high availability and high-speed backbone access to Waitex and its clients. Wrote all technology contracts, services, marketing material and strategies, as well as negotiated and met with all clients. Designed topology, architecture and wiring of new LAN / WAN for Waitex's new corporate headquarters relocation at 135 West 36 th Street . Wired the building (all 39 floors) with fiber and redundant Cat6 at the core, dual gigabit access on each floor and 100/100mps delivery to all desktops. Wrote all specifications for IP telephony and data access to service all building/tenants/affiliated companies and VPN/Web/Citrix remote access clients. Planned and coordinated move of existing office Data Center to the new location without affecting real-time data access and business flow. Created timelines and ramp-up process for construction, mechanical/HVAC, wiring to new Data center including switch (Cisco 4000) testing on core and edge switches, VLan configurations and server-to-server migration. Waitex's technology department was losing over $20,000 a month prior to my setting up a new infrastructure. As I left the company, the IT department alone was grossing $100,000/month for the mother company and the gross profit for the Waitex IT was over $1,000,000 for the year 2003, our second year in operation.


Warp: Internet based supply management system, direct order fulfillmentto warehous with full inventory tracking from production to QOH at warehouse. Key Contribution: Within two years, Waitex Information Systems grossed $1.5-million ( U.S. ) in revenues.  

1998 - 2001


  • B2B - B2C Development
  • Develoment Management
  • Business Management
  • International, multilingual / multi-currency business exchange portal


United Fishing Association

Letter of Recommendation



  • Membership processing
  • Call Center
  • Internet content management
  • Distribution
  • Business Management


1997- 1998




  • Disaster Recovery Facility
  • Lease of custom / on-demand pre-installed trading suites






Media Technology Group, Inc. New York , NY . (Owned and financed by The Nutrifarms Holdings, Inc.) Chief Tech nical Officer and Executive Vice-presiden t of an Internet company that created and implemented an international/multi-currency/multi-language e-business & B-to-B, B-to-C e-commerce software across multiple partner-sites. Business also included Web Hosting and Custom Design for B2B and B2C. In charge of daily operations from software development to marketing and sales. Set up short and long term technology strategy from programming design to development as well as all hardware infrastructure and security. Co-wrote business plan, hardware and software budget, and financial model. Designed hardware architecture for Web Implementation and co-location (Clustering with Fail-over, SAN and Fiber Channel architecture). In charge of operations, all technical issues, planning/development and all staff (Web and database programmers, office operations, marketing and sales).

Key Contribution at Media Technology Group: Successfully implemented and managed all business aspects to reach profitability

United Fishing Association, LLC. White Plains , NY . (Owned and financed by The Nutrifarms Holdings, Inc.) Vice President and Chief Technical Director for a start-up Internet company providing memberships and information services to the fishing community nationwide. Wrote business directives in order to convert Web site fishufa.com to a portal service and e-commerce site. In charge of design, budget, implementation and monitoring of all technical aspects for the company including: selecting, specifying and designing new programs for Call Center, Internet Provider, Fulfillment Center and Web Services, in-house implementation of LAN (Windows NT), phone system and cable/wiring. Implemented systems to broadcast fax, email and post-to-web for weekly newsletter, press releases and member information. Responsible for Human Resources, payroll, taxes and insurance, and supervised a staff of eleven. Wrote architecture and design - including coding – of Sybase data repository capable of daily imports/exports in automated processes for multi-data transfers and updates, of data flow of no less than four different databases over VPN or FTP exchanges from three outside sources (Sybase/Visual Basic 6.0 for front-end/MS Access for reporting). Responsible for design of membership package (Quark, PhotoShop), fulfillment/postage and handling of member packages, Web program design (over 10,000 pages), HTLM coding and contact with advertisers for web (cross-linking/banner ads/affiliate program.) Supervised and created all Web based "programs" and designs provided by our Web programmers and our Call Center database developers.

Key Contribution: Made company operational in very short time, with high productivity and staff allegiance.


Trade Point of America, Inc., New York , New York . Vice President of Operations and Director of Technology of a Wall Street based Company renting custom equipped trading suites and disaster recovery services. Management of infrastructure, telecommunication and data including:TRIARCH Servers (Reuters), NT servers (4.0, 3.51), over 100 CENTREX lines, 4 T1's, dedicated lines, ISDN PRI and BRI, BOSCH 33xE digital ISDN PBX, ISDN TH13 TM13 digital phones, Wireless Networks via infrared (ATS), Ethernet Backbone (Bay Networks 5000/3Com switches), Digital Voice Recording, Voice Mail. Other responsibilities include - programming: MML programming (Man-to-Machine Language), WIL (Windows Interactive Language), Visual Basic, Access97, Intranet/Internet development - Disaster Recovery planning for company's clients; user support for NT clients, WIN95, MSoffice97, Reuters RTW, Aspen, Bridge, Open Bloomberg; installation and configuration of all workstations, all networks, all databases; in charge of all purchases & maintenance. Also responsible for A/C maintenance, UPS (225kva and 4880Kva Diesel generator) and all Security Systems. Designed Call Accounting software to interface with ISDN PBX and service quotation system, automated work orders & billing, systems and all databases.

Key Contribution: Responsible for company reaching profitability.





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