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i-LANd Corporation, Inc

i-LANd Corporation, Inc. .

Business Consultant for private companies requiring new or improved IT related business strategies, infrastructure or development

From Client




CTO and Project leader for Talkster / SolvWare, a Telecom. software development company based in Toronto.

From Chairman


WAITEX International

Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of the largest warehousing company in New York City.

From Chairman

Media Technology Group, inc.
(Privately Owned by Nutrifarms Holdings, Inc.)

Co-owner, Executive Vice-president and Chief Technical Officer of an Internet company that created and developed the concept of e-mall. Developed and deployed international/multi-currency/multi-language e-businesses within MTG's portal enabling B-to-B, B-to-C exchanges across all member and partner-sites.

United Fishing Association (UFA)

United Fishing Association, LLC. (Privately Owned by Nutrifarms Holdings, Inc.)

Vice President and Chief Technical Director for a start-up Internet company providing memberships and information services to the fishing community worldwide.

From President

Trade Point of America, Inc.,

Vice President of Operations and Director of Technology of a Wall Street based Company renting custom equipped trading suites and disaster recovery services.

From Tradepoint President


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